…And Me.

Pidgin refers to English words I am pronouncing incorrectly.
It is a language structured the way I want it,
As opposed to the way you understand it —
Which is why I messed with the words in the first place.

One’s ability to understand the language is based more dependently
On how often they have crossed paths with its promoters and ambassadors,
Than it is on their great mastery of its mother language.

Pidgin, intentionally spoken in the presence of a person who cannot comprehend it,
is purely, but unapologetically,


Shorter Pieces by Bisi Amanwi




Tough as a person,
Caring as a daughter,
Present as a sister.

Generous as a human,
Dependable as a companion,
Admirable as a friend.

Giving as a partner,
Compassionate as a sweetheart,

In celebration of the bride you were,

In appreciation — an early appreciation — of the wife you'll be,
Well Done.